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How to search
  • The field marked as *1 requires a single string, otherwise the field is not considered during the search process. Basically, if you type fish there, the engine will return every record which contains the word fish within the latin or common names. If you type fish Atlantic Ocean there, you will not see any result because such string is not valid common or latin name. Uppercase or lowercase is not important, because every string is automatically converted into lowercase and compared with lowercase database's records.
  • The field marked as *2 allows you to select more items if you want to do so. Just press the CTRL key along with clicking the left mouse button on items which fit your criteria. If you don't select anything, this field will be ignored during the search process.
  • The field mared as *3 is designed for relative search. So that if you search for a fish which is 15 cm long, the engine will return every fish which is from 5 to 25 cm long. If you don't specify any length, then it will not be important during search.
  • The field marked as *4 is similar to latin and common names field. If you specify nothing, then the search will be processed without considering this field. Otherwise the engine will look for fish which are described with the string which you enter.