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How to become a moderator at this site

Moderating the database of saltwater aquarium fish & creatures is fun, however it requires a few basic skills and knowledge of marine aquariums.

Anyone can become a moderator after reviewing the reasons which should man mention in the case of interest. Once you send your application form, it will be reviewed in the next 7 days and you will be informed about our decision.

Moderators have these privileges:
  • Adding records into the database
  • Publishing new articles
  • Modifying any record within the database
  • Granting moderator privileges to new users
  • Approving or rejecting new comments
  • Modifying old comments
Every moderator is a volunteer and his/her actions are stored within the database. Each record and action may be restored and any moderator will be banned from further access to the database if his/her actions may harm this site.

Send your application through the form below and fill every input, please.

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