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Golden Angelfish

This marine aquarium fish is known as Golden Angelfish, Velvet Dwarf Angel and the correct latin name is Centropyge aurantia. The family that this marine fish species belongs to is called the Angelfish family. (e) Origin of this fish is Western Pacific. (e)

Character and suggestions regarding care

A peaceful species.

Golden Angelfish can grow up to 11 cm what is approximately 4 inches. So 1 specimen requires at least 1320cm2 of water surface which is approximately 204 square inch. This fish should be kept in aquariums that are medium. (e) Medium aquariums have at least 113 Litres (30 US Gallons). Large aquariums have at least 265 Litres (70 US Gallons). Very large aquariums have at least 700 Litres (185 US Gallons).

It is not very difficult to keep the Golden Angelfish. (e) The specific gravity (SG) should be between 1,020 and 1,025, the temperature between 23°C (73.4°F) and 26°C (78.8°F). The pH levels shouldn't be outside of 8.0 - 8.3 since most marine fish are used to the mentioned range of pH values.

Golden Angelfish is omnivorous and should be fed by brine shrimps, mysis shrimps or flake food. This fish might also nip polyp stony corals, zoanthids and eat crustaceans. For a healthy diet you should also feed this fish algae such as spirulina.

It is a shy fish which should be the first fish in the tank and it should be just with peaceful and small fish. But if you have a fish of similar colours, they might fight. Also, Golden Angelfish feel better with many hiding places made from live stones, so when something disturbs them, they can hide and their stress level gets lower. You should also remember, that this fish will be most of the time hidden.

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